Benchwarmers over take Gribbs in Coach's poll

Updated Tuesday June 18, 2019 by Michael Rutherford.

Pre-season favorite, Gribbs dropped to #2 in the coach's poll.  The Benchwarmers which defeated Gribbs 8-3 the other day jumped up to #1.  Gribbs coach, Kevin Winship, says the poll is not accurate.  "We lost two games in a row because I was not there...I said earlier we will go undefeatted unless I am not able to coach...I was there at the start of the Benchwarmers game, but my boy got injured and I had to leave with him.  When I left my team fell apart...its a lot like a person who losses his big toe.  Can't do anything without the big toe, and my players can't play without me....their big toe." 

1.  Benchwarmers        3-0

2.  Gribbs   3-2

3.  Easy Day . 2-1

4.  Cape . 1-0

5.  Falmouth  2-2