Gribbs sends message with opening day win

Updated Monday May 27, 2019 by Michael Rutherford.

Gribbs, the runner up to Ri Ra's last year, sent a powerful message to the league yesterday with an 8-3 win over Miss Portland Diner.  Gribbs coach, Kevin Winship, had a lot to say after the impressive win.  "I believe that Gribbs under my leadership will roll through the league this year.  As long as I don't miss a game, this team will not lose.  I heard Scarborough put two strong teams in this year, but they will be fighting for second place.  And Poole's team, Ri Ra's lost much of their talent...last year they were loaded but still barely beat me.  The Portland teams have already conceded that they can't play with us....I look forward to bringing the trophey back to Portland!"