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Greater Portland Babe Ruth Baseball League

Portland Babe Ruth, through uncompensated, volunteer members, sponsors, and coaches have organized a baseball program for the Greater Portland, Maine community youth between the ages 13 and 15 years old. Towns participating in the league are Portland, Scarborough, Falmouth, South Portland, Westbrook, Windham and Cape Elizabeth. 

Date of Birth: May 1, 2004 to April 30, 2007  *players aged out of Little league (and still are 12) are allowed to play and players turning 16 are also allowed to play, but are not elibilbe for an All Star team.

Portland Babe Ruth and the undersigned agree as follows: 

1. The undersigned parent or guardian does, to the best of his or her knowledge, state that their young person is within the Babe Ruth standards, between the ages of 12 and 16, and is medically fit to participate in the game of baseball.
2. The undersigned parent or guardian will pay the registration fee, and produce proof of age. Play will not occur until fee is paid in full. Each town in the Greater Portland Babe Ruth League may have a different fee due to their individual costs. Please refer to the specific town's section of this website for details. If a player is selected for an All Star team an additional expense may be accrued.
3. The undersigned parent or guardian agrees that he or she will not institute, bring, or commence any action or suit of law or in equity for any injury or damages that may be sustained by a youth as a result of that youth's participation in the program (including all sanctioned Portland Babe Ruth activities as well as transportation to and from those activities); and will indemnify and hold forever harmless the Portland Babe Ruth League and its claims, demands, or actions in law or in equity that hereafter at any time be made or brought by the said youth or by anyone on behalf of said youth for the purposes of enforcing a claim for damages on account of any injuries in consequences of said program.
4. Try outs will be scheduled for later in the spring and players will be notified on the date and location.
5. In case of accident or illness, I hereby authorize representatives of Portland Babe Ruth Baseball to use their judgement in obtaining immediate medical care. Parents or guardians will be notified as quickly as they can be reached but consent may make immediate treatment impossible.
6. For additional information please contact the President of the Portland Babe Ruth Baseball League, Michael Rutherford at 207-831-1758 or email him at ruthem@portlandschools.org
7. Individual Town Contacts:

  • South Portland: Jim Poole, jim.poole@agisnetwork.com
  • Scarborough: Chad Blanchette, cblanchette@northsidecomm.com
  • Falmouth: Dan Smith, Dan.Smith@Acadia-ins.com
  • Cape Elizabeth: Dan Sullivan, sull@maine.rr.com
  • Portland: Mike Rutherford, ruthem@portlandschools.org